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Screenwriting & other scripts

Dialogue comes naturally for me. Skits and school plays were some of my earliest writing; I studied drama and film in college. I have spec scripts and will write screenplays on a contractual basis. While I'm not a member of WGA yet, I do expect contracts to take their guidelines into consideration.

I'm also available to do short scripts (screen, stage, or audio) for businesses, non-profits, and others.   

My credentials for screenwriting:

Eye of the Dolphin. Movie directed by Michael Sellers. Sheri McGuinn creative consultant.

In 2004, I revised a problematic screenplay for Michael Sellers in four days. Major plot changes were necessary due to budget considerations and he needed it before he met with potential funders. He ended up with enough funding for the original idea and a known writer for the final version. But, I got my first paycheck for writing and was credited as Creative Consultant on Eye of the Dolphin. While my script ended up filed away, the experience spurred my enthusiasm for writing professionally.

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