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Sheri McGuinn: Resume

writer, editor & related work


Master of Administration, Professional Writing and Editing

Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ

My undergraduate studies included more than forty credits in literature, writing, drama, and art, all of which built skills I use in writing, editing, and designing books. To develop more skills, I completed my Master of Administration degree with an emphasis in Professional Writing in 2014. Besides courses in professional writing and editing, the degree included administrative coursework in leadership and project management. In June 2012 I spent five weeks in Peru through International Studies Abroad, living with a family in Lima, taking six units of Spanish at Universidad del Pacifico, and taking ISA tours with other students to various parts of the country. For my Master's Project, I did a poster presentation at NCTE's 2014 convention: Self-Publishing for Schools - Why and How.



In January 2005 I was paid for revising a movie script as a work-for-hire. Since then, one of my screenplays was a finalist in the Sacramento International Film Festival and another, Running Away, was produced and is on Lifetime and other streaming venues. Aside from my spec scripts, I can develop your film concept or script your training video. I have also worked with audio and stage scripts.


I have self-published novels. The first, Running Away, won an Honorable Mention in Writer's Digest International Self-Published Book Awards. All are available at Amazon and other outlets.
My short story "Bad Mommy!" won an Honorable Mention in Writer's Digest Short Story Writing Contest and "Maria Angelica's Baby" is in Best Short Stories from the Saturday Evening Post Great American Fiction Contest 2016.
As an advocate for responsible writing and self-publication, I've been published in Literacy Today and Funds for Writers. I've given presentations and workshops on self-publishing at community colleges, a Women Who Write conference, and the National Council of Teachers of English Convention. I've participated in authors' panels for local television.


I provide author services from concept exploration and developmental editing through format design and self-publishing guidance. This has included novels, picture books, academic works, and projects for family only. Examples include Carla King's 4th edition of Self-Publishing Boot Camp for Independent Authors (beta reading and providing edits) and Suzanne Blaney's award-winning Impressionism: Inspiration and Evolution (editing and design).

Experiences that support my expertise:

  • I have been a featured author or panelist at Gold Country Writers Six-Author Event, Face in a Book, El Dorado Hills, CA; Women's National Book Association Author Panel at the Book Passage, Corte Madera, CA; Art Space, Show Low TV, Show Low, AZ; Connect at the Library, Show Low TV, Show Low, AZ; and Women Who Write, Louisville, KY.

  • I have presented and/or given workshops on self-publishing at the National Council of Teachers of English Convention, Washington, DC; Sierra Community College, Roseville, CA; Northland Pioneer College, Show Low, AZ; White Mountain Arts Alliance, Show Low, AZ; and Women Who Write, Louisville, KY.

  • I've been an exhibitor at Hidden Treasures Art Show, Citrus Heights, CA; the Oakland Book Festival, Oakland, CA; Gold Country Fair, Auburn, CA; Book Expo America, NYC, NY; and the American Library Association Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV.

  • I've been a participant at eighteen other conferences and pitchfests.

other services: research, analysis, writing & Editing

My broad range of education and experience provide an excellent base of knowledge for a variety of projects. Skills developed in earlier experiences (see below) honed interview skills so I establish rapport with subjects, use open-ended questioning, and verify understanding. It also provided training and experience in formal and informal observation, evaluation, and analysis. Earlier academic training also included research design.

I have experience writing social histories and other investigative reports for courts, grant proposals (after RFP and needs analysis), research papers, and promotional material.



MS in Education, Learning and Behavior Disorders

Buffalo State College, Buffalo, NY

With a Master's in Education, emphasis Learning and Behavior Disorders, I taught special education students with learning disabilities and behavioral issues. I also obtained my reading endorsement and worked as a Title One Reading Instructor. I worked in rural, urban, and reservation schools in four states.

Some key skills developed: Breaking large and complex tasks into smaller operational steps; adapting or revising material for individual needs and general readability; collaboration with professionals, parents, and students; project design and maintenance.

Some specific accomplishments:

  • Mentored creation and publication of an affordable yearbook while subbing on an Apache reservation.

  • Developed a deficit credit program for resource and special day students at risk of dropping out.

  • Authored an application for the Colorado Technology Literacy Challenge Fund Grant - Award: $100,000.

I have also conducted workshops on employment readiness for adults, through Northland Pioneer College in Arizona, and have taught workshops on self-publishing in multiple venues.


Investigator/Caseworker CPS


BA Psychology, Sonoma State University

Rohnert Park, CA

On completion of my BA, I returned to Chautauqua County, New York, where I worked a variety of jobs, including probation work for the county, before starting my family. I did small-scale commercial farming while they were small, then returned to work with the county, but this time in child protection services. Before starting, I had two weeks of basic training at Cornell which included interview and de-escalation techniques. I had further training in advanced medical, substance abuse, and adolescent issues, as well as other training related to the job. This provided me with the skills to do the job right. The responsibilities included: Respond to reports of alleged child abuse and/or neglect. De-escalate the situation as needed and assess validity of the report, immediate safety of child, and family needs to prevent future abuse or neglect. Take appropriate action and continue investigation as needed, including interviews of the child, alleged perpetrators, witnesses and others with relevant information. Then prepare an assessment report and make referrals as needed. In cases requiring court referral, I would also complete an investigative report for court, including recommendations. While trained to testify as needed, none of my court cases went to trial. In cases where ongoing supervision was required, I also did follow-up visits and coordinated with service providers such as homemakers, psychologists, and doctors. I left because I had an opportunity to go back for my teaching credential and thought that would be a better occupation while I had three children at home.

Some key skills developed: interviewing, legal and report writing, time and caseload management, crisis de-escalation.

Education: Course listing displays breadth of studies.

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