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I write. Award-winning stories and novels. Screenwriter.

I have always been a writer - I helped write plays in elementary school, attempted my first novel at age ten, and was editor of my high school paper. More ABOUT me.


While my short stories often show the influence of Hitchcock, Poe, and Serling, MY BOOKS and SCREENWRITING often have resilient characters in tough situations.

My education and experience have prepared me to do research, analysis, writing, and editing of all kinds. The SERVICES page has more information and a few examples.

Sheri McGuinn, Author Services, Book Shepherd, I edit, re-write, co-author, ghostwrite, format books, coach authors through self-publication process

I edit, re-write, co-author or ghostwrite; format books; and coach authors through self-publication. JUST FOR AUTHORS has testimonials and more details.

The CREDENTIALS page has my resume, professional credits, and education information.

The MEDIA page has biographies, events, video, etc.

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