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The readers of Running Away asked for the mom's story. This is it.


Peg's Story: Detours starts with Peg looking back:

When I started high school in 1971, my plans for the future were not clear, but they included an exciting career that would take me all over the world, far from the boring small town of my parents.

Instead, a series of detours became my life.

That Christmas I missed the first sign my world was about to be shattered. By June I would run away; by August I would be running again, from far worse, convinced I could never go home. There was little coordination among police of different states and missing children couldn’t be put into the FBI’s database.

It was easy to disappear for ten years – and my running was not yet done.

Kirkus Reviews: "A nuanced yet plainly told novel..."

Available directly through Amazon. Retailers may order through Ingram.


Kirkus Reviews: "A tense and unsettling portrait of a family torn apart by a predator in its midst."


The plan is in place. By the time they realize her camping trip was bogus, Maggie is in another state, about to run again from new dangers. When Peg realizes her daughter is not coming back, she knows she must find her quickly or they may never see each other again. Peg's missing journal from when she ran away as a teen is the only clue to Maggie's whereabouts.

Originally published as Running Away, this novel won an Honorable Mention in the Writer’s Digest 2008 International Self-Published Book Awards.

Judge Commentary: “I could not put this book down.”


The movie Running Away has been shown in Europe and on Lifetime.

Available directly through Amazon. Retailers may order through Ingram.


“I should have been the first one home.”

Michael Dolan McCarthy was named for the black father he barely remembers and a white grandfather he’s never met. The McCarthy family has had one hard time after another. Now, while Michael flirts with Shenia, his little sister finds their mother dead with an empty pill bottle by her hand. Shenia, whose father is a police officer, helps them leave before anyone can split them up.


Their only chance is the grandparents they’ve never met. Michael expects he will be rejected, but he hopes his half-siblings will be accepted because they’re “cute little white kids.”As they start off to cross the country, he doesn’t realize they’re being stalked.

Amazon Expert Reviewer: “The writing is good…the plot is gripping”

Publisher’s Weekly: “…issues of race and identity are nicely handled


Thirteen-year-old Nina narrates the story of her mother Alice, who has always been responsible, proper, and totally uptight. It's always been just the two of them.

Alice is stressed when they cut her teaching position, but that’s nothing compared to the shock of her hippie father dropping into their lives. Alice left home at sixteen and never looked back.


Now Nina has a chance to know her grandfather, and sides of her mother that have been hidden for years, including the piece that turns Alice into the Rosa Parks of the Taxpayers Civil Rights Movement.

Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards: “Overall, one of the most interesting and useful novels I’ve seen.”

Amazon Reviewer: “I …found myself laughing, crying and getting totally sucked into the story. Yet…the ethical storyline is still sticking with me”



For more than 200 years, The Saturday Evening Post has been publishing a who’s who of American authors — Ray Bradbury, F. Scott Fitzgerald, William Faulkner, Louis L’Amour, Jack London, Joyce Carol Oates, Edgar Allan Poe, Anne Tyler, Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Sinclair Lewis, among so many others — and continues to support the legacy of the storyteller.

This anthology includes 31 stories they consider the best from 2016, including Sheri McGuinn's "Maria Angelica's Baby."

Maria's always been a good girl. Now she has secrets she must keep hidden.


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