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Quick Reviewer Quotes
Peg's Story - Detours

Kirkus Reviews: "A nuanced yet plainly told novel..."

Running Away-Maggie's Story

Kirkus Reviews: "A tense and unsettling portrait of a family torn apart by a predator in its midst."

Running Away(original version)

Writer’s Digest 2008 International Self-Published Book Award (Honorable Mention), Judge: “I could not put this book down.”

Michael Dolan McCarthy
(Re-released 2021 as Tough Times):

Amazon Expert Reviewer: “The writing is good…the plot is gripping”

Publisher’s Weekly: “…issues of race and identity are nicely handled”


Writer’s Digest 25th Annual Self-Published Book Awards, Judge: “…one of the most interesting and useful novels I've seen”

Amazon Reviewer M. Stuever: “I …found myself laughing, crying… totally sucked into the story. Yet…the ethical storyline is still sticking with me”

Author Biographies


Sheri  started writing as a young child. At sixteen, she expected to go into a career in journalism. But life took some detours. She has three adult children who are supportive of her new adventures in writing, publishing, and travel.

Sheri writes novels, short stories, screenplays, and non-fiction, including work for hire. She also does editing, design, and assists other authors with the self-publication process.

For a narrative description of my path as a writer, see the About page.

See Credentials  and other pages of this website for more information.

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