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s Mcguinn-Author - sheri mcguinn's new facebook page

Not sure where I took this - could be Arizona, but I'm betting Yosemite National Park because of the rock formation. If you recognize it, let me know.

What a learning curve! Straight uphill.

Sheri McGuinn's new Facebook page is S McGuinn - Author. I made this for professional use, but it's linked to my personal page via my email, so I'm not sure "boosting" a post on S McGuinn - Author will actually boost the new site or if it will be pushing my personal site. I did a very small boost for two days to check it out. If I've loused up, I'll try to separate them later this week. Don't give up on me!

What all this means?

Yes, I'm prepping a new novel for publication, working it through a critique group. I'm also working on a memoir, but I'm not sure that will be published beyond family.

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