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Kindle vs. kindle select

Kindle vs. Kindle Select - I’ve had people tell me if you publish with KDP, your books can’t be purchased on Nook or you’ll be violating your contract with them. I’ve also been told you can’t publish at both Ingram and Amazon. These limitations are only true if you choose to participate in Kindle Select – which is for eBooks only.

Kindle Select is an optional free program within KDP where Amazon boosts (advertises) your eBook on while you’re enrolled.

  • Kindle Select does require the eBook be sold (distributed) exclusively at the Kindle Store during the enrollment period.

  • These limitation are just on the eBook. Other forms of the title (print, video, audio, etc.) can be distributed elsewhere.

  • Here's the tricky part: Initial enrollement is for 90 days, but there’s automatic renewal that must be turned off if you want to stop and open up your options.

I publish print and eBooks through Kindle Direct Publishing. I prefer self-publishing with Amazon’s KDP because:

  1. They don’t charge for uploads – no matter how many times you redo a manuscript.

  2. They charge a very reasonable amount per book – one or a large order.

  3. I set my own price – and it can be competitive because their charge is reasonable.

  4. They’re user-friendly with tons of useful help available for free.

  5. I’ve never been pressured to buy the services for which they do charge.

  6. Their sales and other reports are easily accessed and clear.

  7. If I want to talk to a person, I request a call back and it comes within minutes, without having to hunt for the link or deal with bots.

I’ve never signed up for Kindle Select because some buyers prefer to avoid Amazon. However, since most of my sales do come through Amazon, I might try Kindle Select for the initial 90 days of my next book launch.

Sheri McGuinn, award-winning author, offers Author Services as editor, co-author, ghostwriter. Formats books, coaches authors through the self-publication process.


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