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Fiction Ramblings

Updated: Dec 14, 2020


I write fiction (see the three books featured in this post's image). Those books have sold remarkably well, considering I have done virtually no marketing. The readers of Running Away asked for the mom's story and it's finally ready. Peg's Story: Detours will be released in 2020. I'm still planning to self-publish, but I'm trying to do this marketing thing better.

Today, I signed up with NetGalley as a reviewer (that's free). They actually have a Women's Fiction category! In Women's Fiction, it's about the woman. There might be a romantic thread, but it's not the main point of the story. Whatever else the woman's going through, whatever transformations take place, are NOT dependent on the romance.

I will be SO happy when awards, sales sites, etc. catch up and add Women's Fiction as a category.

Anyway, I plan on reading as many of the NetGalley books in the Women's category as I can, and will post reviews of any that I like here, and once they're available for sale, at Amazon. (If I don't like a book, odds are I won't finish it and I won't review based on a partial reading.)

Oh, by the way. If you have read any of my books (see the image), please check and, if you never posted a review at Amazon, do it - to help other people find my books. You can follow the links from my Amazon Author page. Thanks.

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