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Do we live Multiple Life Stories at once?

Katie on the Lost Coast, filming - a project we did several years ago.

This post is a day late because I've been driving. I left eastern Arizona just before noon Wednesday. Approximately 48 hours later, I'm in Ohio. There are many reasons I like to drive long distance with naps in the car - less traffic after midnight, wonderful sunrises, and an amazing moonrise Wednesday night. And it's uninterrupted think time. (Did I mention this is a solo trip?)

So I'm going to do something foolish here - put out a resolution for the new year publicly. I want to learn about fractal theory this year, enough to understand the possibilities. I read something about two things being in the same place at once, and it makes me wonder if we'll eventually learn we really do live multiple life stories at once. What would that do with regret?

There's definitely some kind of time warp that makes people and events from the past seem close as we age.. and science fiction does have a way of predicting the future. Hold me to it.

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