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Author Services


Whether you only want editing, or you want the manuscript formatted into an interior design per industry standards, I start by looking over the manuscript.

  • Free overview of manuscript with sample edit/format and level designation.

  • Free 20 minutes consultation.


Editing and proofing can be done via emailing of the document  or on paper with SASE for return. 

  • Comprehensive Editing: I do a cross of substantive editing with copyediting. This means I consider whether structure, content, and presentation are suitable for the intended audience as well as editing for accuracy, clarity, and consistency. It includes correction of spelling, grammar and checking adherence to the appropriate style guide. I track changes and enter comments and suggestions. 

  • Proofing: This is the final level of edit on a polished manuscript, checking primarily for typos. If I did the comprehensive edit, you need a fresh set of eyes to do the proofing. However, I do proofread for other authors.


  • Comprehensive: $10/page

  • Proofing: $5/page based on @250 words/page.

Editing with Formatting for Publication

Usually I'll put the manuscript into a rough version of the book format before editing. This helps me edit with the final format in consideration.

I charge according to the state and complexity of the project:

  • Level One: A polished manuscript. Proofing or minor sentence adjustment for visual quality of the page done with formatting. Few if any images to be inserted. 

  • Level Two: Projects that need two rounds of edit: comprehensive edit returned for revisions, then proofing or minor sentence adjustment for visual quality of the page done with formatting. Or projects that are polished but have many images or other complicated formatting. 

  • Level Three: Projects that need more than two rounds of edit. Complex projects with complications such as endnotes, multiple formats, foreign language and/or names that require spell-checking and/or accents, formatting with bleed, etc.


  • Level One $10/page

  • Level Two $15/page

  • Level Three expect $20+/page billed @ $40/hour.

Image Manipulation

Image preparation: Images need to be high resolution and different modes for print and e-books. This service is included in Editing with Formatting for Publication. Otherwise, it is $5/image or $20/five images.


As a book shepherd, I coach authors through manuscript preparation and the publication process.

  • Free overview of manuscript with sample edit/format.

  • Free 20 minutes consultation.

  • Editing with formatting for publication charged at the rates above.

  • Free instructions with screenshots provided to help you through each step in the publication process.

  • Additional help in following those instructions or other related work @ $40/hour.

  • Cover work @ $40/hour.

Samples of books I have helped bring to publication are at the top of this page.

Co-authoring or ghostwriting

As a co-author or ghostwriter, I work with you to develop your fiction or non-fiction idea into a manuscript.

  • Free overview of manuscript.

  • Free 20 minutes consultation.

Rates: Contract or $40/hour, billed by quarter hour.