• Sheri McGuinn

Making My Vote Count

My first presidential election, the choice was "I am not a crook" Nixon in the midst of Watergate or the Democrat he had successfully made to look like a buffoon. I did a write-in vote for "No Body" - effectively throwing away my vote.

Since then, I've usually been registered as a GDI (more often referred as party:none). However, when there's been a primary where I thought it would make a difference, I've registered for that party to be able to make my vote count. This is one of those times.

The Democrats have so many candidates, it is too likely someone will split the ticket like Bernie did in 2016, assuring a Republican win. I doubt impeachment proceedings will oust our current president, which means we are in danger of having another four years of erratic decisions, divisive commentary, alienation of long-term allies, denial of climate change, and courting of despots. Just to mention a few of my concerns.

So, today I registered as a Republican. I believe the best chance for a return to sanity and decency is to nominate a sane, decent Republican to run against whatever Democrat(s) end up on the ballot. There are several Republicans who have already shown the courage to challenge the incumbent. If enough people who are registered for other parties or none change their registrations to Republican now, before the primaries, we just need one of those challengers to start showing a solid lead and we can get the incumbent off the ballot.

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